When Our grab lorries collect our customers waste our drivers can distinguish between recyclable waste and waste that has to go to the tip. We aim to recycle at least 50% of the waste that we collect therefore helping the government meet it’s targets of reducing landfill. We are also helping the environment by reusing the wastes that are produced.

Once the waste is back at our recycling depot we start to process it by loading it up on to one of our screeners, this has a slightly inclined vibrating mesh deck which ‘sizes’ it. The larger bricks/slabs/concrete fall off the one end and the finer material drops onto a conveyor which is the saleable topsoil. This is moved to a stockpile by another machine. Our topsoil has been tested and found to be to BS3882:2015.

The rubble which falls off the end of the vibrating screener is stock piled and crushed to various sizes according to what we want to stock for sale. Normally it’s; 40mm down to dust which is used as hardcore for patios/drives/footpaths etc, and also a larger product called 6f2 which is generally 75 mm and below, this is used as a ‘fill’ material.

We sell our recycled products to the public as well as businesses and builder merchants, please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss our prices.

Recycling In Pictures

Recycled Aggregated


Screened TopSoil

Recycled Aggregated

40mm Down

MOT Type 1